Who am I?

My name is Michael Wells, and I founded Plant Fuelled Muscle with one simple mission- to improve the lives of others through health and fitness. By educating and coaching others around how to fuel their bodies properly as a Vegan and achieve their goal physique, I feel this truly brings this mission to life. 

I work hard to provide you with unbeatable service on all plans and coaching. My goal is to ensure that once you have used a plan/coaching service, you'll then be able to move forwards on your own and design your own future plans. Nothing is automated, and I thoroughly tailor all plans/coaching to align with your goals and preferences.

Feel free to connect with me on social media if you'd like to know more!

Why vegan?



a vegan diet may help to reduce cholesterol levels, prevent certain diseases, and may even prove to be the optimal diet for the treatment of type 2 diabetes.



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Animal agriculture accounts for a vast amount of greenhouse gas emissions. By choosing to avoid animal products in your diet you reduce your carbon footprint, helping to save the planet.





thousands of animals are raised in awful conditions and slaughtered daily for human consumption. by going vegan you help to put an end to the exploitation of animals and prevent the unnecessary slaughter of innocent beings.