Vegan eggs are now available in the UK

We've got Vegan meat, Vegan dairy, and top it off Vegan eggs are now available in the UK!

Who is the company?

'Follow your heart' has had Vegan eggs widely available in the U.S for some time now, and they're finally hitting stores over here in the UK. Derived from Algae, the 'eggs' can be used to make cakes, omelettes, even pancakes.

The Vegan eggs contain about 4.4g fibre per serving, whilst also providing some healthy fats. Furthermore, they contain about50% less calories than a hens egg, coming in at about 33 calories per serving. 

Is it an actual fake egg?

The 'eggs' come in a powdered form, which mixes in with any recipe easily. If you take a look across social media it's clear that they've been a hit with the Vegan community already-

Holland & Barret seem to be the first U.K store to stock the 'eggs', and can be found here online or locally in store.

This is great news for the Vegan movement; eggs are usually the toughest food to try and replicate when transitioning to a Vegan diet. Now that there are Vegan alternatives for almost every food, hopefully this will result in more people making the transition.

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