10 Vegan Athletes You Should Know About

Vegans are often looked on as weak, malnourished individuals that could never compete in sports. Here are 10 Vegan Athletes that prove otherwise.

David Haye

Nicknamed ‘The Hayemaker’, David Haye is a British professional boxer. He’s one of only two boxers in the world to have earned the cruiserweight world titles and become a world heavyweight champion. The heavyweight boxer decided to go Vegan after watching how animals are treated in the meat industry. Haye claimed he ‘couldn’t be a part of it any more’. Haye returned to the ring back in January of last year at aged 35, managing a first round knockout against Mark De Mori.

David Carter

Otherwise known as ‘The 300 pound Vegan’, Carter is an NFL defensive linesman. Playing for teams such as the Oakland Raiders, he decided to go Vegan after a harsh battle with tendonitis. He soon learned about how dairy can contribute to this painful problem. Thus, he eliminated all animal products out of his life in Feb 2013 and hasn’t looked back since. Carter is also an animal rights activist and public speaker, using his voice and status to speak out for Veganism.

Venus and Serena Williams

After the older of the two siblings, Venus, was diagnosed with Sjögren’s syndrome back in 2011, she decided to leave behind her unhealthy eating habits. Although the disease has been a struggle, switching to a Vegan diet has helped her overcome the tiredness and fatigue that it can bring. Serena went Vegan in order to show support for her sibling and ease the transition. The tennis champions claim switching to a Vegan diet has helped them reach their true athletic potential.

Patrik Baboumian

Of all of the 10 Vegan athletes in this post, Patrik is likely to be the one you've come across most. Holding the title of Germany’s strongest man, the Vegan strongman rips apart any kind of stereotype that Vegans are weak and malnourished. In September 2015 he beat his own world record by finishing the Yoke walk in Kitzcher with a whopping 560kg. Baboumian’s reason for going Vegan originated from an ethical standpoint;

“I just found myself thinking that if I would have to kill the animals I ate with my own hands I couldn't because I was to compassionate. I felt that I was fooling myself eating meat considering my inability to kill an animal so I just thought I'd better be honest to myself and stop eating meat.”

Kendrick Farris


Here we have another weightlifter, who was actually the only male weightlifter to qualify from the US to compete at the olympic games this year. Whilst trialling for the Olympic games, Farris actually ended up smashing the current US record for the clean-and-jerk lift too. Since going Vegan in 2014, he states that his body recovers a lot faster, and he has much more focus. (source)

Tia Blanco

Tia Blanco is a pro women surfer, and is very vocal about her plant based diet across her social media. The 2015 ISA World Junior Silver Medalist is a member of the American surfing team and has placed well in her fair share of tournaments over the past 3 years. She was driven mainly by ethical factors and dietary factors. This came after watching documentaries such as ‘behind glass walls’ and ‘forks over knives’. (source)

Nate and Nick Diaz

The two UFC fighters are advocates of eating a plant based diet, claiming that ‘meat only slows you down’.  After his win and loss against Mcgregor, Nate has utilised the attention thats been put on him to promote Veganism. He told Mens Journal

“I like to promote the vegan industry,” Nate enthuses. “I hear a lot of criticism from people saying you need meat to be strong and for recovery, and it’s a bunch of bullshit"

Stephanie Davis

A pro rock climber, Davis has smashed records for climbing and become the first woman to do so. She free climbed the Salanthe wall on El capitan, which had never been done by a woman before. Furthermore, she has also completed some pretty impressive base jumps and wing suit flights. She initially became interesting in Veganism for the health benefits, however now strongly supports animal rights.

There we have it, 10 Vegan athletes that prove how beneficial their eating choices have been for them. Share via the share bar to showcase these 10 Vegan athletes that smash the 'weak' stereotype!