Marks & Spencer launch their first range of Vegan Sandwiches

We've recently seen a surge of people deciding to go Vegan for January, otherwise known as 'Veganuary'. Couple this with the rise in Veganism reported last year, and it's easy to see why M & S have made this ethical move.

What's included in the sandwiches?

Marks & Spencer have launched 2 types of Vegan sandwiches; the 'Super Green' sandwich, and the 'Rainbow veg'. The Super Green includes minted edamame & pea crush on soft linseed and chia bread. On the other hand, the Rainbow Veg contains chilli squash, Avocado and pumpkin seeds on soft red pepper bread.


How much do they cost?

Both sandwiches are currently priced at £2.50, and M & S have also brought out some alternative meals for those looking to avoid bread. The 'Nutty Cauliflower Trio Veggie pot' and 'Glorious Greens & Seeds Veggie pot' can also be found in M & S stores, both priced at £2.

We've seen Pret launch even more Vegan products recently due to demand, along with Sainsbury's even bringing out a line of Vegan cheeses. Marks & Spencer are arguably playing catchup by releasing these new products, and here's what Helen Brennan, M & S sandwich expert had to say:

“We’ve seen a huge increase in interest from our customers in vegan eating and we noticed there was a gap in the market for food that vegans can eat on-the-go for lunch."

“We decided to create two new sandwiches that vegans can enjoy – they are so tasty and nutritious I’m sure non vegans will enjoy eating them too!”

This is great news to help the Vegan movement progress. Furthermore, its clear evidence that more and more people are choosing a much more ethical way of eating. I'm confident that with more and more supermarkets and brands releasing Vegan options, more people will choose to extend their 'Veganuary' much further. Be sure to use the share bar to let others know that M & S have released these new Vegan products!