Getting Enough Magnesium In A Vegan Diet

A mineral that is commonly overlooked when it comes to nutritional guidelines in general is magnesium. In this post, I’ll show you just how easy getting enough magnesium in a Vegan diet can be!

Why do we need magnesium?

Magnesium has many functions in the human body- some of your vital organs and muscles require magnesium to function properly, and it also helps to maintain a balance of various nutrients within your body. Furthermore, it can help reduce your risk of osteoporosis and improve blood pressure! Symptoms of low magnesium include being fatigued, frequent muscle spasms and even high levels of anxiety. It can be tough to diagnose a magnesium deficiency without a blood test as these symptoms can also mean a wealth of other things.

How much do we need?

The RDA for magnesium varies from gender to gender, with men typically needing more than women. The RDA guidelines are as follows-


14-18 360mg/day

19-30 310mg/day

31 and over 320mg/day


14-18 410mg/day

19-30  400mg/day

31+ 420 mg/day

 The amount for pregnant women also increases vastly, even going up to around 400mg per day.

What about getting enough Magnesium in a Vegan diet?

Getting enough magnesium in a vegan diet is very easy, and a typical healthy day of eating should give you more than enough magnesium. Here are 10 vegan foods that prove how easy it really is:

Pumpkin seeds- 190mg of magnesium per handful (32g)

Spinach- 156mg of magnesium per cup (180g)

Soybeans- 147mg of magnesium per cup (172g)

Sesame seeds- 126mg of magnesium per handful (36g)

Quinoa (cooked) - 118mg of magnesium per cup (185g)

Black beans- 120mg of magnesium per cup (172g)

Cashews- 116mg of magnesium per handful (40g)

Sunflower seeds- 113mg per handful (35g)

Almonds- 61mg of magnesium per handful (23g)

Dark chocolate- 64mg of magnesium in a 28g serving

Other great sources of magnesium are Avocados, tofu, bananas and oats.

These foods are fairly easy to implement into your daily diet and are extremely cost effective too. Use the share bar to let others know just how simple getting enough magnesium in a Vegan diet is!