Getting Enough Calcium In A Vegan Diet

A common myth surrounding Veganism is that due to the lack of Dairy consumption, all Vegans have brittle bones that could snap in half at any time. As we know this simply isn't true, and in this post I'll be explaining just how important Calcium is, along with showcasing just how easy getting enough calcium in a vegan diet really is.

Why do we need Calcium?

Calcium helps with building strong bones and teeth, along with regulating muscle contractions and ensuring that blood clots normally. Lack of calcium can lead to a condition called Osteoporosis, which involves bones becoming brittle and fragile.

How much Calcium do we need?

The general guideline for how much Calcium we need is about 1000mg, with the exception of 1200mg for those over 71, and 1300mg for pregnant and breastfeeding teens. Infants and children also require significantly less Calcium than those in their teens and adults.

Can certain foods inhibit Calcium absorption?

Before I dive into some Vegan sources of calcium, I thought it'd be important to make you aware that there are certain foods that can actually inhibit how well your body absorbs Calcium. One example is Sodium, as it increases the amount of Calcium that is excreted in the urine. Foods high in Oxalate such as Spinach and Berries also inhibit Calcium absorption, so it's best not to use these foods as 'goto' sources of calcium.

Getting enough Calcium in a Vegan Diet

Getting enough Calcium as a Vegan is incredibly easy, and below you can find 10 Vegan sources of Calcium that will allow you to keep your bones healthy without supporting the dairy industry!

Almond milk- 120mg per 100ml

Collard greens- 267mg per 190g cooked

Kale- 93mg per 130g cooked

Broccoli- 47mg per 100g

Sesame seeds- 351mg per 36g serving

Turnip greens- 197mg per 144g cooked

Blackstrap Molasses- 610mg per 10g

Chickpeas- 57mg per 100g

Now you can see just how simple getting enough Calcium in a Vegan diet really is. Sweeten your morning tea with some Molasses, throw around 300ml of almond milk into your smoothie and you'll already be halfway to getting enough Calcium. Please share this post if you found it to be informative, and be sure to show it to someone that might be struggling to get enough Calcium! You can also sign up to my mailing list below to get exclusive content from Plant Fuelled Muscle straight to your inbox!