Pret A Manger Opens Additional Veggie Pret store

Last year we saw Pret A Manger launch a completely Veggie store located in Soho, otherwise known as 'Veggie Pret.'  The store was opened with the intention of being a pop up store, but after 'testing the water' became a permanent store due to the incredibly high demand for its products.

Where is it?

Now some 10 months later, Pret A Manger have again decided to go with a completely meat free store, this time located in Shoreditch. The decision was made to transform it into a Veggie Pret due to the high amount of vegetarian sales in the area. If you've been to Shoreditch yourself, you'll of course be no stranger to the wide variety of Vegan options available. From CookDaily to Redemption, it's clear that Pret are certainly following the growing meat free trend within the area.

What's On The Menu?

Mac and greens (Vegan Mac and cheese)

Vegan chocolate brownie

Green smoothie breakfast bowl

Dairy Free chocolate chia pot

Banana, blueberry & almond butter toasted tortilla 

Dark chocolate and toasted coconut pot

Avocado & beans toasted tortilla

Grilled Artichoke & Olive tapenade flat bread

Crunchy Veggie banh mi baguette 

Super beans & red pepper veggie pot

Organic Kombucha 

Matcha coconut Latte

I think you'll agree that Pret are offering a wide variety of some great options here, which makes a difference to most high street cafes. 

What About Other Pret Stores?

Of course we don't all live in Shoreditch or Soho with access to a Veggie Pret, however the High street cafe has begun offering more Vegan options in its main stores. Here is a list of all the Vegan foods I could find at Prets main stores;

Sweet potato falafel & smashed beets veggie box

Cauli & Tumeric Super Veg Salad

Super Beans, Broccoli & Turmeric Cauli Veggie box

Dark Chocolate & Toasted Coconut pot

Pret's Fruit Salad


Dried Mango

Vegetable Crisps

Edamame beans


Avocado + Chipotle Chickpeas Salad Wrap

You can find a full list of the Vegan options (including soups & drinks) at regular Pret stores here .

Whilst Pret may have only opened 2 meat free stores so far, it's certainly a great start from the high street cafe giant. One things for sure, with Veganism now rising at exponential rate, we should see more of these stores being rolled out nationwide! Be sure to share this post and spread this positive move from Pret, and of course subscribe to my email list so that you never miss a post!