Worlds First 24–Hour Vegan Drive-Thru Set To Launch This Summer

We’ve seen well known fast food chains such as mcdonalds attempt to adapt to the growing demand of Vegan food with options such as the Vegetable Deluxe (with no mayo of course), along with other Vegan fast food chains launching in the US. However, Vegan fast food restaurant Globally local has now decided to take things a step further, with the launch of the worlds first 24-hour vegan drive-thru.

Who are Globally Local?

Globally Local currently boast a restaurant in the heart of London, located in Ontario, Canada. Their founder, James McInnes began getting involved in the Vegan fast food industry by selling his 'veganised' food out of a food truck. From here his success grew until he was able to launch his first restaurant. Evidently Globally Local has been a true testament to the rising trend of people switching to a plant based diet, leading to the launch of their 24-hour Vegan Drive-thru.

Where is the Drive-Thru based?

The worlds first 24-hour Vegan Drive-Thru will be based again in Ontario, Canada. Frustrating for everyone who doesn't live there? Absolutely. However, the opening of the new restaurant is clear evidence that plant based eating is on the rise, so as I'm sure you'll agree it's only a matter of time before we start seeing more of these opening up around the globe. June 2017 is when the restaurant is set to replace an old 'Harvey's', a well known Canadian fast food chain.

What's on the menu?

Globally Local currently 'veganise' a tonne of fast food classics at their restaurant in Canada, and their new 24-Hour Vegan Drive-thru should prove to be no exception. Here's a list of some of the most impressive foods currently on their menu;

The Vegan Caesar, served in a wrap with ‘grilled chickun’, salad and ‘bacun’ bits:

The Vegan Vopper, compiled of a crisp chickpea patty, smoked tempeh bacon, salad and of course vegan mayo:

The ‘Great Gyro’. Enjoy this greek classic with Globally Locals Gyro ‘meat’, layered with creamy cashew tzatziki, salad, all served in a warm Greek pita:

The Maple Crunch breakfast sandwich. Again, a fast food breakfast classic made with no animal products whatsoever; enjoy a breakfast muffin drizzled in maple syrup, topped with vegan cheese. Add in your choice of ‘Bacun’ or vegan han, tofu ‘egg’, and top it all off with a crisp hash brown:

You can find a tonne of other mouth watering foods off their menu on their Facebook page too.

As always this is some fantastic news for the Vegan movement, and really demonstrates just how well the food industry is adapting to growing demands and needs. If, like most people reading this you don't live in Ontario, you can always use the Happy Cow App to find Vegan restaurants near you! As always feel free to share this positive news using the share bar, and subscribe to the mailing list below to ensure you get exclusive content from Plant Fuelled Muscle straight to your inbox!